Situated in western Tobago, Scarborough is the capital town of Tobago. It is a very populous town hosting many of the islands necessary businesses and services. Scarborough became the capital of Tobago in 1769. Scarborough’s deepwater harbour was built in 1991; before that ships would anchor offshore. The estimated population of Scarborough is approximately ~18K.

Fort King George, is an 18th-century fort named after King George III of England. The fort now hosts a museum, light house, cannons and a well manicured garden.

Local Amenities

  • Coast Guard. Police. Fire Services
  • Public Washrooms
  • Public Library 
  • Health Center
  •  Ferry Service
  •  Schools
  • Guesthouses
  • Security
  • Local Market
  • Restuarants & Bars
  • Food Vendors/Craft shops
  • Public Transport
  • Off Road Parking
  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Supermarkets, stores, hardwares

Battle of Scarborough 1677 – Before being called Scarborough, the area was called Lampinsburg by the dutch with the bay of Scarborough being called Lampins bay also known as Roquely Bay (Rockly Bay). The Dutch built a fort on top of a nearby hill which is known today as Dutch fort hill in down town Scarborough. In February and December of 1677, the Dutch and French both wanted control of Tobago which lead to a bloody battle in Scarborough bay and on dutch fort hill which resulted in the death of thousands, including French and Dutch women and children and African slaves. Three hundreds years later and the remains of up to 20 warships and their undiscovered artifacts are still in the muddy bottom of what is now Scarborough harbor.

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