Turtle Season

Between March and August each year, giant leather-backs, Hawks-bill, and Green sea turtles visit the shores of Tobago to lay their eggs. The process can take up to 2 hours from start to finish, going longer sometimes if the turtles are disturbed.
Popular Bays for sightings:

  • Turtle Beach – Great Courland Bay
  • Grafton Bay – Stone Haven Bay
  • Back Bay – Mt. Irvine
  • Lambeau Beach – Little Rockly Bay

Protection Guidelines

  • If possible, do not disturb, obstruct or approach a turtle that is coming to shore, laying or covering its nest.
  • Never handle Turtle eggs or try to sit, stand or ride on a Turtle.
  • Avoid using bright lights as it can confuse the Turtles or cause them to abandon their nests.
  • Stay up to 20 feet away from Turtles while they are nesting.

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