Spear fishing (shooting fish) is another great way to get some decent size ones. Tobago normally has clean, clear, warm waters and if you’re an experience diver there’s an abundance of hunting grounds to choose from.  As with every other technique, the catch would vary depending on tide and seasonal changes along with the diver’s skills and experiences.

  • Snappers, barracuda, parrot-chub, groupers, sharks, grunts, horse-eye jack, tarpons and catfish are some of the species hunted.

Pulling Seine (shooting seine) is a more traditional way of fishing, with mostly the older generations and some rural villages still doing it. The concept is simple and can be very rewarding but it is a tedious and slow process. The catch is simular to those caught by sand and rock fishing with a combination of;

  • round-robin, balaho, sprat, herine, sardine, flaunders, squids, bonito, jacks, and needlefish.

The seine may also catch some unwanted/uneaten species such as:

  • sea-porcupine, bat-fish, jellyfish, starfish and sprats.

“Shooting seine” is normally done early in the morning from around 6am but there are some instances where it is done at various times during the day.

  • Grafton, Turtle beach, Castara and Charlotteville

are some of the places where you can see seine-fishing and participate.

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