• Capital – Scarborough
  • People – ~60,000
  • Islands – 6
  • Villages – 36
  • Districts – 15
  • Towns – 2

  • Length – 25.5 miles
  • Size – 116 mi²
  • Width – 7.5 miles
  • Latitude – 11.2337° N 
  • Longitude – 60.6989° W
  • 21 miles North-East of Trinidad.

Climate and Geography

Tobago’s climate is pleasant all year round. It is cooler and less humid than Trinidad because of the more frequent northeast winds. June to December are commonly the wettest months. Tobago’s topography is rugged and its area is 300 square kilometres (116 sq. miles). 

Government and Population

Since 1889, Tobago and Trinidad have shared the same government. In 1980 the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) was instituted and was made responsible for administrative governance within the island, with local governance remaining with the city and county councils. In 1987, full internal self-governance was granted to Tobago. The population is approximately 70,000, of which 80 % are of African decent. 


The first settlers in Trinidad and Tobago were two Amerindian tribes, the Arawaks and the Caribs. Tobago was fought over by the Dutch, French, British and Spanish, as well as settlers from Latvia, Buccaneers and others, well into the 18th century, but was controlled primarily by the British from 1762.

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